Schenectady was known as “the city that lights and hauls the world” because of Thomas Edison's General Electric company and the American Locomotive Works which made virtually all the passenger and freight trains in the early 20th century. Schenectady sits in the Northeast, the most unreached part of our country and has been cited as having one of the least biblically minded populations of all metropolitan areas in our country.

To put it shortly, our area has lost its light.

This is why want to plant Adoration Bible Church. Together the reformers recovered for the church the supreme authority and clarity of the Scriptures. By God’s grace, we want to see this happen in our area. Through biblical teaching and sound doctrine, we want to rekindle a love and adoration for Christ and His church the family of God for his glory.

Nathan Zach

Husband, Father and Church Planter of Adoration Bible Church

Our Desire is to plant a multi-ethnic, multi-class and multi-generational church in Schenectady, NY

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